A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

On April Fools of 2014 two drunk idiots came up with the idea of forming a new band.

It was supposed to be an accoustic duo. Well, obviously, it didn't go the way we had planned it, and here we are in the form you see now.

Those two idiots were Czacza and Szacił. After a few months of rehearsing (mostly with a lot of help of cheap booze) we found the first HNR drummer - Wodzu, and started to play regular shows.

In the meantime we've managed to record our first EP, (you can download it for free here). It was released on March 29th 2015.

September 2015 marks HNR's history as a month, when Wodzu got replaced by Bossman, who since then, has been a part of the band.

We drink (probably too much), we rehearse (probaly too seldom) and we play shows (during which we drink too much).

So, in a nutshell - that's it.

We are Hit N' Run and we play Rock N' Roll!